Making a dream a

The dream of creating the ultimate outdoor cooking experience is now a reality for the team at CROSSRAY BBQs – with a 14-year obsession taking innovation, design, and efficiency to a whole new level.

The dedication and vision of designer Mark Stone – in collaboration with the world famous team at Porsche Design – has seen the quality and performance of the CROSSRAY BBQ recognised as an industry leader.

The ‘Porsche of BBQs’ has many similarities with its namesake – with a sleek and stylish design encasing an efficient and powerful engine unit that goes from 0 to top speed in seconds!

Fundamental to the engine room of the CROSSRAY are revolutionary surface combustion gas infrared burners – the driving force behind an evenly spread heat that provides intensity and sizzle to the entire cooking surface.

The CROSSRAY® is the only BBQ that can provide controllable even heat from 110°C to nearly 400°C, amazingly using 50 percent less gas to achieve these industry leading temperatures.

This intense heat allows the CROSSRAY to redefine the outdoor gas BBQ and imitate perfectly the traditional way of cooking over a bed of red-hot coals.

The additional options of being used as a normal oven, pizza oven, long-slow smoking oven, conventional grill and a traditional wood-fired stove make the CROSSRAY the true definition of a multi-functional outdoor cooking appliance.

And it is so simple to use – anybody can produce professional-quality cooking with CROSSRAY.

Collaboration with Porsche Design Studio

The revolutionary design and powerhouse performance of the CROSSRAY BBQ has not happened by chance – with designer Mark Stone leaving no stone unturned in the quest for outdoor cooking perfection.

Mark had a burning desire, a passion if you like, to create something new and innovative in the traditionally staid and unadventurous world of BBQ design.

And Mark has certainly hit the mark, with CROSSRAY’s patented infrared burner technology setting it apart as the most powerful and efficient BBQ on the market.

He then went where others feared to tread, engaging a world-class brand to help encase that intense and sizzling heat in a stylish unit that any BBQ lover would be proud to call their own.

No less than the Porsche Design Studio embraced the CROSSRAY’s early development, housing that patented infrared technology within a sleek body that had a stylish sports-car appearance.

Porsche’s interpretation of the ‘Grill Car’ was considered a masterpiece – being highly functional and stylistically pure – with the result widely heralded as the ‘Porsche of BBQs’ and placing CROSSRAY at the pinnacle of outdoor cooking.



Unique to the market

Mr Stone admits to being extremely proud of the magnificent CROSSRAY product that we see today.

“I have been involved with the CROSSRAY concept for about 14 years now so it’s very satisfying to see the concept come to fruition and present something completely unique to the market,” Mr Stone said.

“What we have tried to achieve is to replicate the effect you get of cooking on a bed of red-hot coals. What is really different is that it uses indirect infrared heat within the firebox and cooking over infrared is really different to cooking over an open flame”.

“What we get with the CROSSRAY system is a very, very even intense heat and that is something you can’t achieve with a traditional burner system.”

Mark said the stylish but durable build was the ideal camouflage for an efficient unit that is so simple to use but comes with an intense sizzle that no competitor can match.

“Metal will eventually rust in an outside environment so we’ve gone for the highest grade 304 stainless steel construction along with heavy diecast aluminium side panels, so we’ve built this technology to last,”

“And due to the fact that the firebox for the CROSSRAY can be pretty much completely sealed, we can use about 50 percent less gas to provide 50 percent more heat.

“And the system is very, very quick to heat up. Putting the lid down and having all burners on for about five minutes is all you need to have the barbecue operating at optimum temperature for cooking.

“Anyone can be a master chef with CROSSRAY.”

Award Design

CROSSRAY has been recognised for its design excellence – recently taking out a coveted Good Design Award for outstanding product design and innovation.

The Good Design Awards Jury commented –

“The Jury was impressed with the robust double-skinned doors and LED lights used to operate the switches and control knobs. Material choice (ceramic coating) on the grilles is excellent and provides great performance. The patented heating elements and ease of cleaning is a big plus that will set this product aside in a very competitive market.” – Dr Brandon Gien, CEO, Good Design Australia.

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