CROSSRAY Portable Electric BBQ high lid


Plug-in, preheat and prepare for the “Sizzle” of the most powerful electric BBQ on the market. Perfect for when you want real BBQ performance, without the hassle or restrictions of gas bottles. CROSSRAY electric BBQ provides a cooking experience just like a traditional gas BBQ, via the unique high-intensity electric infra-red element technology.

The new higher hood design makes it perfect for all food types, including large meats.


  • 1500W capacity. 2 x 750W carbon-fibre infrared elements provide instant performance.  Simply plug-in.
  • New High Hood design.

  • Dual Zone cooking (High/Low, Front/Back) with half grill & hotplate as standard
  • Stainless steel construction with double skin hood, cook with the lid Up or Down
  • LED indicators with 120 Min timer and 300°C safety cut-off
  • Elements located close to the cooking surface for maximum output
  • Fully portable, for home or holidays
  • Bottom mounted oil collection tray

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Electric Thermometer

Stainless steel construction with double skin hood

Electric BBQ LED indicator

LED indicator with 120 Min timer and 300°C safety cut-off

Electric BBQ elements

High output BBQ with carbon infra-red electric elements

Electric BBQ cooking

Dual Zone cooking (High/Low, Front/Back) with grill & hotplate as standard


Dimensions & Cooking Area

695mm x 445mm x 329mm
Cooking Area: 1436 cm2
Weight 16 kgs

  • BBQ Casing, lid & heat reflector: stainless steel (430SS)
  • Grill & hotplate: ceramic coated cast iron
  • Grill bowl: powder coated steel
  • Cooking elements: carbon fibre, glass encased
  • BBQ Hood: double wall (430SS outer; aluminium plated inner)
  • Drain tray: powder coated steel
  • Control knob: aluminium.
  • Lid handle: black bakelite
  • Red LED indicates high/low output

1500W total output (2 x 750W)
Supplied with 3-pin plug for standard 10A GPO (240V)
Recommended to keep undercover 

Electric Portable BBQ Dimensions
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Electric BBQ Cover

Cover for Electric BBQ

Electric BBQ Cover

Keep your CROSSRAY electric BBQ well protected from water and dust, with this robust, outdoor rated BBQ cover. Suitable for the portable, trolley or cabinet BBQ versions.

Electric BBQ Stainless Steel Feet

SS Feet Set for Electric Portable BBQ

SS Feet Set for Electric BBQ

For a permanent table-top use, finish off your electric BBQ with these minimalist designed, stainless steel feet (set of 4).

Electric BBQ Hotplate

Replacement Hotplate (half)

Replacement/extra half hotplate for electric BBQ

As a replacement or to make a full hotplate, this standard half hotplate is ideal for foods such as bacon & eggs, hamburgers, sausages etc. where a full flat plate is preferred.

Electric BBQ Grill

Replacement Grill Plate (half)

Replacement/extra half Grill plate for electric BBQ

As a replacement or to make a full grill plate, this standard half grill is ideal for foods such as vegetables, steak, seafood etc. where a full grill plate is preferred.

Electric Trolley Only

Trolley Only for Electric BBQ

Trolley only for electric BBQ

For use with model TCE15F portable electric BBQ, this free-standing trolley has powder coated black shelves and frame, with stainless steel foldable side shelves, offering plenty of workspace.

Does not include BBQ. 

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Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 76 × 50 × 36 cm