Mustard Lamb

Garlic Studded Mustard Lamb

A family favourite roast lamb that is easy to prepare and simple to cook.
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Outdoor lifestyle

Why the mini outdoor kitchen is revolutionizing the great Australian outdoor lifestyle

How do you take all the greatness of having an outdoor kitchen and make it even better? Simple. You downsize it.
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BBQ Recipe Honey roast ham

Orange & Honey Glazed Ham

This is a wonderful and simple recipe for the Festive Season.
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Portable BBQ Joy Crossray

The joy of a portable BBQ: How you can have both performance and functionality

“Joy is portable, bring it with you.” Whoever said this was surely talking about an electric portable BBQ.
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Outdoor kitchen crossray

Taking it outdoors: The great Aussie outdoor kitchen lifestyle

It makes sense to say that the kitchen is both the heart and the hearth of the home. However, these days we’ve mostly replaced cooking on an open fire with microwaving, baking and deep frying our meals.
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Lift the lid on infrared

How cooking on the new BBQ using infrared technology can save you time and make food taste great!

Finally, after millions of years someone has created a new BBQ. That someone is the team at CROSSRAY. And the new BBQ runs on infrared technology.
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