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The joy of a portable BBQ: How you can have both performance and functionality

“Joy is portable, bring it with you.” Whoever said this was surely talking about an electric portable BBQ. Indeed, happiness is owning a small but powerful BBQ that is not only convenient but also delivers amazing quality food. Nothing says summer in Australia quite like having a BBQ. In fact, we’re world famous for it. However, not all Aussies live in houses with big backyards. More and more of us are living in smaller dwellings, like apartments, where having a large BBQ just doesn’t make sense. This is where the portable BBQ comes in. Fast becoming the choice for many Australians, a portable BBQ can go where their larger predecessors cannot. Taken out camping, placed on balconies, used at picnics, the portable BBQ is redefining how we Aussies spend time in the great outdoors.

Benefits of portable BBQs


One of the best things about portable BBQs is their low price point. They are perfect for dipping your toes into the BBQ scene. Purchasing an affordable portable BBQ means you can get grilling sooner than saving up for that shiny 4 burner BBQ you cannot afford just yet. And when it comes to buying an electric portable BBQ the savings keep on coming. Forget having to replace and lug around heavy gas bottles, or worse still forgetting to refill it (and running out mid cook). An electric portable BBQ is a simple beast. Just plug in and prepare to sizzle at higher heats than you would on a lot of traditional gas BBQ’s.


An electric BBQ provides a cooking experience akin to cooking over a bed of red hot coals. And this is achieved via the use of unique high-intensity infrared technology. What portable electric BBQs lack in size they more than make up for in sheer cooking power. For steak lovers this means getting extremely high searing temperatures that can produce restaurant quality steaks. Quicker to heat up and more efficient in directing heat energy means electric portable BBQs outshine their traditional counterparts in the performance stakes (steaks!).


Compact enough to fit into the boot of your car means you can take your grilling game with you wherever you go. Beyond this, many people simply love having the convenience, experience and health benefits of cooking on a BBQ right there on their balcony or courtyard if they happen to live in a smaller apartment or townhouse. Owning a portable BBQ means you aren’t limited to finding a public BBQ that is free and in decent shape for your next camping or caravanning holiday. All you need is a power point or generator.

What is the best portable BBQ?

CROSSRAY make the most powerful electric BBQ on the market. Its 1500W capacity and 2 x 750W carbon-fibre infrared elements provide high performance, instantly. All you have to do is simply plug-in and start grilling. Not only is this a powerful unit, it’s also built to last. Which is quite remarkable given that it only weighs 16kgs! Built out of solid stainless steel, keeping your new pride and joy clean will also be a breeze.

The team at CROSSRAY are constantly innovating to bring you the best a BBQ can be. To this end they decided that they would lift the lid on the new design feature of their electric portable BBQ: the high hood design. The new and improved high lid on this BBQ means you can cook your favourite larger meats (such as legs of lamb, pork shoulder, suckling pig, etc.) with the lid closed for that overall roasting effect.

However, the thing that is most unique about the CROSSRAY electric portable BBQ is its use of infrared technology. If you want to know more about how this innovative technology can revolutionise your cooking game check out this video.

So, there you have it. All Aussies should have access to a BBQ regardless of their house size or budget. It’s a vibe, a lifestyle, a national birthright. It’s what enjoying the great Australian outdoors with family and friends is all about. And the CROSSRAY portable electric BBQ is one such unit that can help deliver all of this in spades. It truly does fit the bill due to its size, price, functionality but most of all, performance.